Nobel Prize For Peace?

US president recently honored for his international diplomacy efforts. So how will you react when you get to know, that he was honored by a nobel prize?.

Isn’t it amazing? Hmm.. but still many of you will say, “So what?”.  Okay then my friends look at the category for which he got awarded, “PEACE“..  Now let me ask you again, won’t you find it more astonishing?, don’t you too think that’s absolute injustice to all Indians?, don’t you think that our Prime Minister should had been honored with this award?.

After all Manmohan Singh is the real man, specially when it comes to talk about the peace matters..isn’t he?. Each one of us knows, what our PM really had done uptill now to tackle the terrorism. For instance just in case of the Pakistan, what he keep on saying.. “We are sending them a dossier/ Pakistan must question prime 26/11 suspect Hafiz Saeed/ Pakistan should stop all this terrorism from his ground land”.. just master in terms of statements, and when it comes to action.. all what he do is, “Peace“.

Anyway as i was very anxious to search out for the real reason, I had gone through a small investigation (which i love do in every case). And finally i had now got to know the actual reason, “Why Barack Obama was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize“. And for this you all have to properly read out slowly, slowly (almost like the way Atal ji used to speak) the statement which the nobel committee made, telling why he really deserves for it. Wait! wait! wait!.. Let me tag the following as “Ultimate Change Xclusive”(After all it’s a matter of TRP’s man)


And the committee brief the media as, he was awarded, “bcoz of his creation of a new climate in international relations“. Still not understood, then read it again.

 Okay if you still not got what the nobel committee was trying to say, then here i had pic to describe it for all of you:-

Barack Obama at G8


Is this, “New climate in international relations”. Oh!! sorry.. I apologize, after all how can this be the real reason man… Here i put the pic once again to describe out the real reason behind it:-

G8 Summit Begins

Oh!! damn.. What the hell is happen with the wordpress(Blogging platform) today, that’s showing really disgusting pics. Hmm.. may be some problem in the Web Server, after all it’s Internet getting older, already crossed 40years mark.


America Sponsoring Terror?

During period of 1951-60: U.S. bilateral assistance to Pakistan grew to almost $400 million a year.
In 1982: U.S. assistance to Pakistan totaled approximately $5.1Billion.
In 1982-1987: 1/4Th of U.S. economic assistance went to Pakistan’s energy sector.
In 1988-93: U.S. provided an additional $2.28Billion for development projects.
While $7.89Billion is the U.S. military aid to Pakistan since 9/11.
And now U.S. once again announced to pay Pak $1.5Billion annually for the next 5 years.

But we all know were all this money is aheading.And not only we but they themselves also.Yeah “Centre For American Progress“, an organization which itself headed by John D.Podesta,former chief of staff to Ex-President Bill Clinton itself says that, “Still after previous military aid of $1.5Billion Pakistan is not anybit more safer”.
>>They themselves says that 86% of Pakistanis surveyed who believed their country was headed in the wrong direction.
>>They themselevs says that 63% of Pakistanis surveyed in june’08 who felt less secure than they did just 1 year ago.
And what to say more when even some of the Pakistan Ministers are against this military Aid?. Yeah Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S, Hussain Haqqani himself says that, “Instead of focusing so heavily on military aid to Pakistan,the United States should dedicate more of its funding to enhancing security & earning the Pakistani people through incresed economic & development assistance.”
So the Ultimate Question which arises from all this is that why so still America funding Pakistan?
On the one hand if America say that we are totally ready to help India in all means to fight against terror.Then isn’t America itself sponsoring terror?

Double Standards

23th Dec’08:Pakistan Army Chief Parvez Kayani said,”The armed forces are prepared to meet any eventuality. Pakistan will respond within few minutes in the event of surgical strikes by India”.

>>Sir,If your army is such capable then why not you dare to bomb up the militants camp running throught your country?….Ooh you have not detected any such camp….Hmm,might be some problem in your radar.

7th Jan’09:Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Mohammed Ali Durrani, told from Islamabad that Kasav is a pakisatni national.

>>Let’s see for how much time you stand on this statement….

11th Jan’09:Prevez Musharraf speaks,”We have maintained a force level which is adequate for deferrence. And we have the resolve to use the force if there is any danger. The country would respond to any eventually with full force”.

>>I think so you have forgetten the Kargil war,as quickly as you responded. With the same pace your army moved back.

And here comes finally Mr.Gilani, a patient of short term memory loss.

7th Jan’09:Gilani said,”Our own investigations into Mumbai have progressed..We are prepared to take this process forward with a view to uncovering full facts”.

10th Jan’09:Gilani attributed that Mumbai attacks to “an intelligence failure in India”. And said this was the neighbouring country’s “Internal Matter”.

13th Jan’09:Gilani said,”Dossier provided by India is information not proof”.

>>Sir I hope so you haven’t forgetten yet,that you are the Pakistan P.M.

India vs China?[Edition 2]

This is the second edition of “India Vs china-The Ultimate Issue” and thus in this I’m once again going to tell you that how India is still lagging behind in a various areas w.r.t China. So now I’m taking another common example, something with which most of the Indians are in touch everyday. And that’s nothing more than the lifeline of Old Delhi, “Rickshaw”. Yes that one which makes you travels in a cheaper wayJ.

So these following are the pics of the Rickshaws of china….. [Yes wahan bhi hota haiJ]:

Now let’s move back to India and see the comparison b/w Indian Rickshaws & China Rickshaws:

So what to say more?……In Delhi, government has banned Rickshaws in Old Delhi areas, like Chandni Chowk, justifying that it is a necessary step if you wanna make Delhi roads more smoother & less congested.[after all commonwealth also to be take place here]. So all the concerned authorities look at the above pics of China, there also Rickshaws exits still… [& Olympics occurred still there in china only].

India Vs China?

Recently in Beijing Olympics china showed the rest of the world that they are the real hero’s of Olympics. And that’s the reason why, I was very curious to know that how these Chinese people are to grab one after another gold medals in Olympics. What special facility they really provide to there players? And why India finishes every time out too behind them?

And the answer to all this I get simply through these following few pics:

Now look at pics of Indian children of same age group [that is what they do]:

So plzzzzzzz…….all the concerned authorities take a lesson from them.

Stop playing politics, check out the ground reality.


On 19th September the world markets had shown some sort of figures which really made people to think that “is the worst over now?” Just have a look on these numbers yourself:

MEXICO-4.8%    BRAZIL-8.6%       CHINA-9.5%       SPAIN-6.1%        RUSSIA-19.5%

SINGAPORE-5.8%            JAPAN-3.8%       UK-8.6%               U.S-3.9%

Moreover to it right here in Bombay stock exchange also a similar trend was countered. Sensex taking a lead of 726 points ended up above the mark of 14,000 yet another time. While Nifty also gaining 200 points ended up at levels of 4,240’s. So you can imagine yourself from these figures that how not only investors but also stock brokers have earned good money.

Still Disagree?: Just assume that you have bought 100 shares of SAIL (very bearish one) at 137Rs/share. And now as on Friday the share ended on 147Rs. So after cutting the brokers shares also you still get around 900 bucks. So isn’t that fantastic to way to earn 900 bucks in a day? (Provided markets are in bullish moodJ).   

So everyone now assuming that the impact of collapse of 150 year old Wall street Investment Banking icon, “Lehman Brothers” & another investment banking gaint,”Merill Lynch” some how evaporating up from the markets[After all the Dow also registered the biggest gain in its past 6 years span].

But my friends this at the end of the day this is all stock market game & everyone knows how much volatile these markets are….So I think its too early to predict that yes now Worst is over & no more Global crisis. As who knows when another firm of the banking sector declared its collapse? Who knows when the Nymex Crude price once again start heading towards 150$/BBL mark?

But Indians you don’t have to fear about after all Reliance is there with you….Thinking what it can do?. My friends on Sunday, 21st Sept’08 MR. Mukesh Ambani is going to announce something by which history will be written…. (Till now I have heard this much only through incredible News ChannelsJ…So for more watch out any news channel except that India T.V)J.