"IPL3, Let's fight again"-News My Way

RWelcome sir over here on ultimatechange, a blog which really loves to interview newsmakers like you.

Afridi: {Smiling heavily} Allah! so finally i got to hear someone who really admires me.

R: {Pausing for a moment} Sir i’m sorry to say but you might seem to get into some kind of misunderstanding, i have not uttered a single word praising you out.

Afridi: Arrey, tagging out newsmaker with my name that’s enough for me. Anyway you carry on..

R: Okay as you like…

Sir, as we all recently witnessed in the IPL3 auction, not even a single Pakistan player got picked up.  Being as a senior pakistan player, does it really matters to you? or you just don’t mind this at all?

Afridi: Look, the moment opponent’s team player stares at me, i spontaneously burst out on him with my abusive dictionary. So how can people like you imagine that i don’t mind this at all?

Afridi: Moreover it is a million dollars deal. And it really matters to me, specially when it comes dealing in foreign currency.

R: Yeah sir everyone knows, how much pakistani people likes foreign currency. After all, every year you people get a huge sponsorships from U.S.

R: {Moving to next question} Sir, recently pakistan media broadcasted that this was the conspiracy build by Indian government to humilitate pakistan on a very big stage. Do you agree with them?

Afridi: Yeah absolutely.. But when for so many years our country had executed thousands of conspiracies against india, then in front of it we not all mind this one, after all finally India had stared to follow our footsteps.

R: But don’t you sir really feel humiliated by this kind of treatment, which you got from IPL teams, franchies, BCCI, Team managements?

Afridi: Hmm… a kind of, but to be very honest loosing out to Australia even  bowling them out for 127 in the recent test match at sydney was much more shameful.

R: But sir, you also recently got sacked by ICC for the bowl tempering issue. Wasn’t that the most humiliated moment for you?

Afridi: Oh no way, it just an another part of planning & plotting against me.

R: But sir, footages clearly shows that ball was in your mouth. You were trying out something with it….

Afridi: Er…er.   I…..I…. It’s just nonsense. I can prove myself being framed out.

R: But how sir?

Afridi: Did you remeber the IPL season1? Remember the case when Bhaji slapped Sreesanth badly?

R: Yeah sure sir, but what all this to do with the ball in your mouth?

Afridi: You fool… Wasn’t that a big crime, slapping out your team mate instead of oppostion player? And still no footage of this leaked out in media. So how can this of mine footage can be presented out?

Afridi: This purely reflects that this one is just a manipulated video, it would be some kind of situation where i would be eating out something like an apple and some fellow had just replaced it with the ball.

R: {Oh my god!! what a reasoning} Anyway sir, just a last question to you.

R: Every one is really anxious to know about the current status of PPL(Pakistan Premeire League)? Any comment regarding it?

Afridi: Right now we would prefer to focus on internationals tournements (after all setting up a premiere league requires lots of sponsorship & right now pakistan millionaires prefer to invest in terrorism then in cricket).

R: We really apprecitate that you joined with us.

Afridi: I too thanx you for tagging newsmaker word with me.


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