Tried Hard, But Nothing Changes

I cried all the night, Cried throughout the day,

Turning my life upside down, I spent last few days..


I stopped listening to others, Even fought with my friends,

Looking at your picture in my heart, I completely forget of myself..


I’m sorry for that call, The little conversation which we had on that day,

All the words which i spoke, Really sorry for repeating out those things over again & again..


But what can i do?

As you are my heart, so how can i let it go away?

But what can i do?

As i too, very badly got strucked in between this love game….


Believe me,

I was just trying to express myself, Just trying to tell whatever i feel,

Just trying to find out, What’s the reason bcoz of which you really don’t love me..

Believe me,

I just want to reach out for a conclusion,

Want to hear you speaking out, that you really don’t love me..


But what i inturn got back, is a little advice from you,

You said don’t ever think, the thing which is impossible to exists..

But can you please tell me, How can a person will survive,

If he starts taking every second thing as impossible for him….


I completely disagree with you on this,

As i tried very hard, but i can’t forget about you & all those things….

By- Prabhjot


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