Losing Myself

I'M Sad

First I lost my love, Now I’m losing myself,
No more dreams, No more friends..
Closing my eyes, Just wanna listen to my heart,
Without speaking a single word, Just wanna keep on looking on to the stars.


Keep on helping everyone, Was that my biggest mistake?
My polite nature, is it the real reason of this day?
My blind trust on everyone?
The pranks which i play to bring smile on every face?
What’s the actual reason, the one reason which lead to see me this day?


Feeling as if one of my dear one, is going away from me,
As if i’m now going to know, That what the love really means…
And the fact is that there is nothing like love which really exists.
I can’t change anymore things.. Feeling like loosing every single thing.


PERSONAL NOTE– I tried my best to just pen down all my emotions into this small window of my blog. Don’t know how far i got suceeded in this, but all what i really can hope for is that these lines or some other one’s, of any of my poem, would definately had touched your heart in some way or other.

Now I’m switching away from my this window of blogging for sometime, but will try to be regular on Twitter &  Gtalk. Hope will be to catch you all as quickly as i’m able to get back onto the track, will miss each one of you a lot. Bye!! TakeCare.. Have lotzz of fun.

BY Prabhjot Singh


6 thoughts on “Losing Myself

  1. hey man why r u losing this wonderful blog of yours??? dnt do this…. its something to be nurtured like a garden or loved like a pet… dnt leav it like this man….. looking frwd to read more of your stuff!!

  2. @Parv Kaushik,
    Hi! Parv.. I absolutely agree to your point & that’s why i not declared that i”m leaving out this space forever, instead i just mentioned that i’ll get back very soon & so i’m 🙂

    Anyway about my further post, i’ll just that work has been started & sooner new posts will flash out here..

  3. @Dreamingeyes,
    Amazing u and kaddu too left out ur blogs for some time. Anyway now i’m back from my vacations and hope kaddu will also roll back very soon.
    Thanks for those gifts.
    Keep going, best wishes.

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