Nobel Prize For Peace?

US president recently honored for his international diplomacy efforts. So how will you react when you get to know, that he was honored by a nobel prize?.

Isn’t it amazing? Hmm.. but still many of you will say, “So what?”.  Okay then my friends look at the category for which he got awarded, “PEACE“..  Now let me ask you again, won’t you find it more astonishing?, don’t you too think that’s absolute injustice to all Indians?, don’t you think that our Prime Minister should had been honored with this award?.

After all Manmohan Singh is the real man, specially when it comes to talk about the peace matters..isn’t he?. Each one of us knows, what our PM really had done uptill now to tackle the terrorism. For instance just in case of the Pakistan, what he keep on saying.. “We are sending them a dossier/ Pakistan must question prime 26/11 suspect Hafiz Saeed/ Pakistan should stop all this terrorism from his ground land”.. just master in terms of statements, and when it comes to action.. all what he do is, “Peace“.

Anyway as i was very anxious to search out for the real reason, I had gone through a small investigation (which i love do in every case). And finally i had now got to know the actual reason, “Why Barack Obama was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize“. And for this you all have to properly read out slowly, slowly (almost like the way Atal ji used to speak) the statement which the nobel committee made, telling why he really deserves for it. Wait! wait! wait!.. Let me tag the following as “Ultimate Change Xclusive”(After all it’s a matter of TRP’s man)


And the committee brief the media as, he was awarded, “bcoz of his creation of a new climate in international relations“. Still not understood, then read it again.

 Okay if you still not got what the nobel committee was trying to say, then here i had pic to describe it for all of you:-

Barack Obama at G8


Is this, “New climate in international relations”. Oh!! sorry.. I apologize, after all how can this be the real reason man… Here i put the pic once again to describe out the real reason behind it:-

G8 Summit Begins

Oh!! damn.. What the hell is happen with the wordpress(Blogging platform) today, that’s showing really disgusting pics. Hmm.. may be some problem in the Web Server, after all it’s Internet getting older, already crossed 40years mark.


3 thoughts on “Nobel Prize For Peace?

  1. i think Obama has shown that “jugaad” works even for the nobel prize!!! if you have enough “jugaad” any prize is yours and now i know the ultimate jugaadu in the world!! ~Obama!!!

    i think Sri Sri Ravishankar despite his multiple nominations has not received a nobel peace prize he’s one deserving candidate..

  2. @Parv Kaushik,
    Right Parv, this is basically the true example of discrimination which we can see on every next moment around the world.
    Moreover i think whether we talk about ICC’s Awards, Nobel Prize, Oscars or even here in India, at any award ceremony… everywhere Jugaad is the ultimate key to success.

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