Hardcore Reality

Everyone of us goes through a hard time, the time which make us confused, which seal our lips, make us to think, again think and then re-think. At that time, on that particular moment we feel that nothing is going the way we want, even the god is showing no mercy to us.

And what happen finally is, our these small thoughts get transfrom into something much bigger, something which eat up us to such an extent that we loose our interest in everything around us, full stop comes to our social life. Situation get more and more worse with the time, all this conquer to our mind to such an extent that we even can’t face our image in the mirror. And we end up all this by concluding,

“It’s better to die, than living this sort of ridiculous life.”

Now coming to the point which i want to highlight, why we do so? Why we go always with a negative approach, everytime we find ourself passing through such phase of life? Why we end up with loosing all the faith which we once used to have in the god? Why we leave all our hope, all our confidence?

Hmm.. I know you might be thinking it’s easy to say all such questions, but when one go through all this, then we find

“We really don’t have any other choice beside accepting that yes this is end of my world, my life, my thoughts, my dreams.”


Okay so here i leave you with this one simple question, which i think you should answer before moving to a conclusion about your life, the way you live, the way you get fed from it..

Jindagi agar paheli hai to maut kya hai?”


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