"Babri Masjid Report"-News My Way

L.K Advani

So finally after 17 years of time Mr. Liberhan submitted the Babri Masjid report to P.M of India and once again all the political parties got another issuse to gamble with (oh! yes except BJP ). But it’s really a matter of shame, as it took around 17 big years, to submit up the report(specially when everyone knows who the real convict is).

<DISCLAIMER: All the content written below is absolutely fictional.>

Anyway as this report comes out, so is our reporter(R). And taking up this issue seriously(which we most of the time do), our reporter-R quickly rushed out to catch another of Mr.Advani’s exclusive interview.

But amazingly this time Mr.Advani don’t come out to meet ‘R’. And the reason, what we were told for this was that, “Mr.Advani is taking precaution these days, specially when swine flu is out..”(Oh! yes we can understand which swine flu made them housearrest, “H1N1-UPA”).

Anyway, after a lot of request we finally made Mr.Advani agreed to have few words on telephonic converstation with us. So let’s find out what happened as our reporter-R called one and only-Mr.Advani:

{Mr. Advani came onto the phone}

R: Hello! sir, i appreciate that you finally joined us.

Advani: Dekhiye humein pata hai ki, we won’t able to win this time in the election, but aap yeh mat bhuliye ki abhi bhi NDA hi 2nd largest national party hai UPA ke baad.

R: (Yeah sir every one knows exactly which party stands where..)  But sir this wasn’t my question at all..

Advani: {Interupting} Dekhiye NDA mein koi bhi maat-bhiad nahi hai, all leaders of NDA are united..

R: (Yes sir that’s we can see very clearly..) But sir i request you to let me ask something first then you please give your comment on it..

Advani: I know what you want to ask, you don’t know it’s only me as the only leader who has seen about 100’s of terrified.. oops i mean terrific parliament sessions.

Advani: So you just remeber one thing, this is all a part of UPA’s strategy. They always keep on looking for an opportunity, so that they can insult me out.

R: But sir this time it is not UPA, it’s Liberhan commission, who is convicting out you as a part of the conspiracy behind Babri Masjid Demolition.

Advani: {Interupting again..} Dekhiye, whether it’s liberhan commission or CBI or CID etc.. all these are UPA’s agencies…

R: So that means, that you complete not agree with the charges which have been put onto you in this report?

Advani: Listen, all what i know is that, things are really getting now extreme.. Every second day there is some sort of new trouble for me from UPA. So i have decided that i’m going for a retirement from the politics…

R: But sir what of the slogan then, “mazboot neta, nirnayak saarkar?”.

Advani: Hhmmm… for that you will have to wait for my autobiography…

Advani: {Smashing down the phone} Atal ji, mein bhi aaraha hun…


16 thoughts on “"Babri Masjid Report"-News My Way

  1. Hey nice one prabhjot…

    kamjor neta, barbad sarkar,
    harate rahenge har bar,
    machate rahenge hahakar,
    bheekh mangenge fir agali bar,
    hamare hindu sathiyo jitao hame ek bar…

  2. ohhh hello your i think anti NDA but dont comment on ATAL JI ……….\
    and mister ajay saklani
    What congress have give the dectator shipp

    nothing else

  3. @Hitesh,
    I think you really have not gone through my blog at all. It’s not that i’m anti-NDA or anti-Adavni, I just critisice the real culprit regardless of the political party to which that person belong’s.
    Coming to your next point all i’ll say is that, it’s not that UPA have given dectatorship or NDA given Hinduvtuv, infact every single political party is sitting in the same basket of corruption and charges and so they definately deserve this criticism.

  4. @Ajay,
    Wah!! Wah!! yeh kaisa tumne sabdo ka, NDA ko path hai padhaya,
    Yeh kaisa tumne harne ka formula NDA ko batlaya,
    Maan ke hai hum bhi aaj,
    Ajay Saklani tum mein bhi hai koi na koi toh baat!! 🙂

  5. @Hitesh
    Neither I am anti NDA nor i’m supporting UPA. I hate all those parties who make relegion their agenda. and NDA is the cheapest political institution in india, which spread communal riots and is deviding india on castism and relegion.

    Atal Ji, is also one of my fev leader but only as a politician not as a human being. I hate Advani, Atal and all other hindutva mudda kind of leaders.

    We can easily see the slowely death of NDA, and I wish it should happen as soon as it can. We dont need leader who devide, we need leaders like Haralad Blated, (Bluetooth) who created history by bringing together two different relegions (Christianity and Islam). keep writing..

  6. @Ajay,
    Yes we can see that how these political parties are aheading towards the way of extinction, but i really don’t think so that despite of this fact which all NDA leaders know, they are going to give up so easily. They are ready to accept such 100 more defeats, but they never going to withdraw up there great so called NDA(which not even exists on the ground reality).

    Yes, our country definately needs such great leaders, but the point is that from where they will come… UPA, BJP, BSP,SP 🙂 …. absolutely impossible.

    • @Ishu,
      And if things keep on going as it is, then i don’t think it will take time for these 17 years to spell out as 70’s. 🙂
      Nyway thanks for appreciating my fictionalised account. 🙂

  7. @Prabhjot
    There can never b any change in our political system until we make some compulsory criteria for being a leader. A new bill need to be passed with following points discussed in details:

    1.> There should be at least 12th class passed as minimum qualification to be a political leader

    2.> the person, who have more than 3 legal cases against him in process, should not be allowed the ticket.

    3.> The candidates list should also have an extra option as “None of the above” and if fifty percent people chose this option then all the candidates should be banned for the lifetime and should not be given ticket again.

    4.> There should be a board of selections, like the one for civil service, which will decide who among all winning candidates is eligible to be a cabinet minister

    5.> If any candidate loose in 3 attempts, he/she should not be given the ticket again from the same constituency but allowed to apply from another constituency to try again for next 2 more attempts as maximum. But in case the candidate fails to win the elections in all 5 attempts than one should not be allowed to fight again, ever in his/her lifetime.

    there are some more points i can write here but i think these are enough to understand… if you have any more points you like to put here than reply…

  8. @Ajay Saklani,
    I really appreicate all your points, but my dear once again we come to the same point, how our this voice is going to reach to our leaders?

    The common people like you and me always have a list of such points, which if implemented by any chance then definately change up the shape of our whole political system, but really all this is not going to matter untill and unless we reach to such a status from where our these voices not only heard by also get implemented.

    And that’s the only reason as of which i don’t come up here with any of similar points..

  9. thats what I’m also waiting for, A place from where i can make the world listen to my opinion and points. Lets hope will reach there in future…

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