"Indian Team Out Of T20"-News My way

The Great Wall Of India

Recently Indian team got cleaned bowled out of the T20 World Cup. Players like Rohit Sharma, Pragyan Ojha, Suresh Raina, R.P Singh.. despite of having in there form, were not able to defend this title. So looking ahead into this issue UltimateChange thought to take an exclusive interview of Indian Captian, M.S Dhoni and find out were they really missed out this time?.

So now read out what happen in this exclusive interview of him with our reporter “R”.

<DISCLAIMER: All the content written below is absolutely fictional.>

R: So Dhoni, Indian team finally out of the race of attaining the T20 title, how will you react to it?

Dhoni: It’s absolutely great.

R: Great?.. Dhoni what are you talking about?..

Dhoni: I mean to say that England is a great country, so are there citizens, so are there stadiums….

R: Dhoni, what are you talking about?.. was this a summer holidays trip for all your guys…?

Dhoni: No i mean both England and West Indies really played great and so they deserve to be in semi’s.

R: Ohh.. But what about the great Indian players?.. what about the T20 defending champions?

Dhoni: Everyone don’t have the luck like Manmohan Singh..

R: Luck like Manmohan Singh?.. are you talking about Sonia Gandhi. So that means Indian team now looking for a female coach?

Dhoni: No.. no.. I mean that everyone doesn’t have destiny like our PM, who can register back to back wins.

R: So Dhoni what do you think is the one main reason which dragged Indian team towards the exit gate?

Dhoni: There is no particularly one main reason, infact there were many areas where the problem was lying..

R: Will u ellaborate it?

Dhoni: Yeah sure.. Actually you can yourself lookup..

Dhoni: Ishant was having few problems with his new hairstyle, Rohit and Raina were having problems with short balls, Garry was throught the tour annoyed with IPL2.

R: And what about your’s with sehwag?

Dhoni: Nahi.. nahi, kaho toh puri team bulaun?

R: 🙂

R: So in the end what would you like to say to the millions of Indian fans?

Dhoni: I will just say that, despite of the fact that the weather was very cold out there…

R: (Yeah we know that cheerleaders were missing)

Dhoni: ..Despite of the fact that we were playing continous cricket..

R: (Yeah we know that you were signed for very little amount in comparison to IPL2)

Dhoni: We really tried to pay our best, but unfortunately we won’t able to make it.


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