“Our next PM?”-News My Way


<DISCLAIMER: All the content written below is absolutely fictional.>

Hi everyone, nowdays every second person of every party is announcing himself  as the best candidate for the PM seat, hence i decided to find out who really who fits for this ultimate post by conducting an exclusive interview of Mr. L.K. Advani.


Rate in order of importance- fame, money, power.

Advani- I think you are missing Ram Mandir, nothing is more important than it for me.

R-Fun to you is?

Advani- When people like Lalu says, “I want to be a PM”

R-What are you reading now?

Advani- Right now trying to read Sonia Gandhi mind, last time she presented Manmohan Singh at the very last moment, so i’m trying to read out what’s going in her mind this time.

R-The one invention you ar really waiting for?

Advani- Some sort of thing by which I can became PM (ek din ke liye hi sahi).

R-If you are invisible for a day, you would…?

Advani- I would definately move to CBI headquaters and simple burn out every single document filed against any of my party member.

R-Would you like to be young forever?

Advani- Kaho toh dumble utha ke dekhaun..?

R- Four personal care products u can’t do without?

Advani- RSS, JD(U), DMK, SAD.


 *Credit for the questions goes to Brunch(HT).


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