Wow!, What a Manifesto.


Recently all the major national parties released there manifesto’s and declared the start of the ultimate season of the Election Premium League, a league where any leader can go upto any limit in order to win his  constituency.

BJP Manifesto*

  • Committed to the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

My View 5 years back when BJP was in the center they constructed the Great Indian Corridors and now they are coming up with an idea of another marvel, so whether or not they stand on their words in any other issue but i think they are really committed to this word-“construction”.

  • Firm steps to identify and retrieve Indian money slashed away in foreign banks.

My ViewOn one hand not even a single minister summits his actual assests details to the election commission and on other hand BJP is going to identify and retrieve Indian money from foreign banks.. Kamal hai!

  • To introduce POTA type anti-terror law.

My ViewBut what can POTA do when BJP leaders themselves supports people like Varun Gandhi even after their ridiculous remarks?.

  • To detect , detain and deport illegal immigrants.

My ViewTill now, even after 26 years of mumbai riots they are not able to detect and detain Dawood Ibrahim, so how can we think of others?

  • To bring 33% reservation for women in legislatures.

My ViewOkay that means now your women family members also getting ready to enter the politics?.

  • Student loans to be made cheaper by fixing interest at 4%.

My ViewI think they forget to put * along with 4%(in the superscript). After all its politics yaar so conditions definately applicable.

  • A comperhensive National Identity Card for all.

My ViewNational Identity card?, today also thousands of Indian don’t have even there voter Id cards, so how can one think of this?.

Congress Manifesto*

  • Maximum possible security to each and every citizen.

My ViewHmm.. one can imagine it, by only looking at the Orissa, where every next day a bomb is exploding out.

  • Increase in the daily wage paid under the NREGA from Rs80 to Rs100.

My ViewWhat this Rs20 increase going to do when every year Inflation rises to its new height?.

  • Sharp focus on the special needs of children.

My ViewYeap china toxied toys still out in the market, that’s congress focus. 

  • New deal for the youth.

My ViewHope you are not thinking to bring another reform like mandatory OBC Quota.

  • Broadband network in all villages in 3 years time.

My ViewInternet connection toh 1 mahine mein lagta nahin, how can they provide broadband network to all in just 3 years?.

  • Expansion of schemes for improving the well being of farmers.

My ViewKya baat hai, very committed towards the farmers. Now i think every one will soon pick up farming as a profession after all congress is there to wave off there loans na..

  • Introduction of goods and services tax from April 1,2010.

My ViewYes that’s the one think in which they are absolutely perfect, to empty up people pockets by this tax or some other one.

 BSP manifesto*

“Hathi nahi ganesh hai, brahma, vishnu mahesh hai”- by there slogan only one can depict how would be there manifesto?. 

*Offer valid till the election ends only.

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10 thoughts on “Wow!, What a Manifesto.

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  2. The manifestos are just a list of promises which may never see the light of the day. I feel the parties have bloated the manifestos so much that it is getting increasingly difficult to find out what will finally we get to see!!!

    • @Hemal,
      Well said, they are exactly “the promises which may never see the light of the day”. They are simply the illusions into which a common indian fallls.

  3. Very well said. You have shown a proper view of Indian Elections and its parties and we gave our nation in their hands.

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