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    Varun Gandhi

    Recently Varun Gandhi grabed everyone’s attention as a video hit out the market in which he is giving out anti-muslim speech.  But Varun said that this CD of his speeches has been tampered. Looking ahead into this sensitive issue UltimateChange thought to take an exclusive interview of him to find out the reality. So now read out what happen in this exclusive interview of him with our reporter “R”.

    <DISCLAIMER: All the content written below is absolutely fictional.>
    R: So sir a CD after another CD , you are getting popular these days?

    Varun: I would simply say that,”I stand by whatever I said and so there should not be any question of asking me whatever i not said.”

    R: That means you agree that it was you only in that video?.

    Varun: No..no.. I mean to say that it was me only but it was not my voice.

    R: That mean you not said anything in that rally?.

    Varun: No..no..actually i mean to say that I was giving speech over there but not in that way as you are hearing out in that video.

    R: Okay, that means you finally agree that it was your voice?

    Varun: No..no..I finally mean to say that it was me only, it was my voice, I was saying that but I don’t uttered those ridiculuos words.

    R: Okay…okay(You made everyone confused..I can’t tolerate it any more..So let’s change out the topic)

    R: So now let’s move ahead Mr.Varun.

    Varun: I’m already done that, soon you will have another similar Cd.

    R: Nahi..sir I mean to say let’s proceed to next question(Oh my god.).

    R: Rajnath Singh declared that BJP will give you ticket irrespective of  charges you have.

    Varun: I stand by whatever he said and so there should not be any question of asking me whatever he not said.

    R: (Kitna uthoge aur? Stand..stand..stand)

    R: And what will you comment on your sister who given you advice to read Gita?

    Varun: No..no.. I not stand at all by her..I mean to say..

    R: Leave it, leave it sir everyone got what you want to say(Don’t start up again).

    So this is “R” standing here with Varun Gandhi, who completely stands on whatever he said..I mean to say only whatever he had uttered. Anyway leave it…Surf ahead.


4 thoughts on “"Varun Gandhi Speech"-News My Way

  1. @Anwin,
    Yeap i’m aware of it, but sorry as i’m going busy these days so i won’t be able to attend the meet’09.
    Still thanks for the invitation.

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