Sign It Up(Petition To Court)

Vote That Counts

Many of us always think that as an individual what the hell we can do to clean up the mess from the politics?. So if you are one of the same then remove your hand from the cursor and just read on this post patiently because here i’m going to share an exclusive information with all of you.

So “Listen-Listen-Listen” have you heard of “Negative Voting”?. Yeap that one which provide us right to De-Elect a canditate?. Yes if we have the right to elect the government, then don’t you think that we should also have the right to De-Elect it?. Afterall we live in democracy where the government is by the people, for the people, of the people. All of you might say that yes we should have this right also, but my friends please get awaked because this concept will only get enforced if you fight for it. Wondering that what you can do?

It’s simple, you have to just sign a petition drafted by People’s Union for Civil Liberties(PUCL) before the supreme court seeking implementation of the proposed reforms of ECI. but some of you might say that if this petition had already drafted then what’s the need to sign it now?.

So my friends i may add upto your knowledge that this petition is now got oppposed by the government. The Govt. has argued that unlike freedom of speech and expression, voting is just a statutory right. Govt. even goes on to say that such an option is not healthy for democracy(source). So now the only way left is to come together. Let’s sign this petition because more the number of people sign this petition, more will be the chances of this concept to get enforced. And who know may we get to see an extra option in the this year Electronic Voting Machines(EVM) for negative voting.

Move For Change>>Click & Sign.

Plz——Spread Out This Message—–Plz


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