Polls Promises & Politics

Polls, Politics & Promises

These 3 things “Polls, Promises & Politics” tells us the actual, pathetic image of the Indian Governement. Wondering how? it’s simple yaar whenever there are polls means there are promises and whenever promises are made means there is corrupt politics hidden behind it. And if you still disagree with me, then simply go through a rap made by me to describe this concept in depth:

Polls To Promises

Sonia Ghandhi says that the promises has been made.

Promises has been made-promises has been made.

As now you can run your home without tightening up your jebs.

This is the what we call magic of UPA?

After all it manage to survive even when left left them in halfway. 


Now you don’t have to tighten up your jebs

As promises has been made-promises has been made.

As by reduction in petrol price, your vehicle will now run thrice.

LPG is also now Rs25 cheap, so enjoy hot bath even though winter leaves.

Also there will be no more strikes as diesel price are smashed down to the floor.

And what to say more when sensex is making everyday a new low?

So this what we call magic of UPA?, after all it manage to survive even when left left them in halfway.


So in the end I just ask a simple from your side?

If this is a result of elections helding after every 5 years.

Then what would be the scene if election held every 2nd year?


So my friends this is just the dirty Politics game.

As polls approaches such promises has to be made for fame. 

So whenever there polls, means there are promises.

And in promises politics plays a major role.



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