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So the Karnataka Police finally arrested Pramod Muthalik, the founder leader of Sri Ram Sene. Now during his arrest, as Mr. Pramod got encounter with the media cameras  he proudly said, “My boys may have gone overbored…..sorry…..overboard, but what ever they did was to protect the culture of this country’s women. Thier methods this time may be an issue of debate but I can tell you the boys were sincere in their intention.”

On the other hand one of the victim of this case on a TV news channel told that, “few of us had pants pulled down, skirts pulled down.”……hmmm….. now i got your words MR. Pramod, “the boys were sincere in their intention.”

<DISCLAIMER: All the content written below is absolutely fictional.>

Now to move into the depth of this whole issue our correspondent XYZ  interviewed BJP’s leader L.K Advani. So lets have a look on the sweet conversation between them:

XYZ: Sir what would be your first reaction on this whole issue?

Advani: …Hmm..mmm…mmm whether we talk of terrorism …mmm…, whether we talk of inflation …mmm…, whether we talk of satyam …mm.. or whether we talk of fuel prices the congress has got totally failed in handling all of them. But I still remember those golden days of shining India, when everything was under our control….I mean all these things were in control.

XYZ: But sir I think BJP is the ruling party in the Karnataka…I mean this state is under your control only..Isn’t It?

Advani: Hmmm…..mm…Yeah I know, actually in this age of mine its very hard to remember all such thing, where we are ruling and were we are not?.

XYZ: Absolutely right sir, If Aamir in Ghajini(pretending like a young man) can’t remember anythink after 14mins & 52secs so how can we expect from you the expired…I mean the one of the inspiring leader to remember all these complicated things.

XYZ: Anyway sir there has  been also numerous rumours regarding these groups which attacked the pub….that they belongs to Ram Sene, a great friend of BJP?   

Advani: Hmmm…mmm… No..no..no..we don’t have any contacts now with any of this Shiv Sene or Amar Singh Sene or Mayawati Sene. But I may promise you that if BJP wins election this time then we will definately hike up the salary of our great Indian Sene, I mean the Indian Army.

XYZ: Hmm….Hmmm…mmm. Anyway thank you sir for taking out some time from your hectic, busy schedule for us.

Advani: Hmmm. Which busy schedule my friend?. I’m still not sitting at PM’s Chair, anyway your welcome.

So Hmmm…mmm..mmm. Sorry actually i too get little bit expired…I mean inspired by the great leader L.K Advani. Anyway this bulletin is over now, so you can now move ahead, surf the net… but do remember to take a medicine(& not the one which is expired) …And I will meet you next time at this same ” URL” with another exicting, mindblowing, thrilling news.

Ramu…plzzz give me too some medicine yaar…


9 thoughts on ““Mangalore Shame”-News My Way

    • @Tariq,
      Actually humour is the ultimate thing which we can easily find out from any of the current issue. Moreover it is the only thing which provide us tremendous platform to criticize the government in an unqiue way.
      Last but not the least i think its the only medicine without an expiry date:). And hence i chosen it for the same.
      Thanks.(after all u had appreciated my blog too yaar)

    • THIS WAS POSTED BY Sumanth via e-mail to me(really unique views) :

      Sri Ram Sena are a bunch of pathological lunatics just like some feudal goons seeking violence and attention in media.

      If hooliganism, street violence, moral policing and taking law into their hands are signs of taliban, then let us see who all qualify to be termed as Taliban.

      1) Mamita Benerjee dragged a SP MP by collar in Indian parliament. Has not she taken law into her hands and was as violent as Sri Ram Sena in the middle of India Parliament?

      She is female Taliban according to the definition applied to “Sri Ram Sena”.

      2) Both Renuka Choudhury and Uma Bharati are accused of publicly slapping men (we have seen videos), they both are taliban as well.

      So, what moral authority Renuka has got? He herself is partly responsible for harassment, arrest of 1,23,000 women with out investigation under one single IPC.

      She needs attention, which her father or bf never seemed to have given.

      3) Women’s organisations attacked arrack sellers and husbands in south India, they are also taliban.

      Banning liquor is taken from south Indian feminist text books only.

      If liquor is injurious to social life in rural India, then it is equally injurious to social life in urban India as well. One guy being drunk killed 4 people just 3 km from my home in Bangalore.

      4) Couple of women’s organisations broke furniture in Delhi High court opposing whistle blower justice JD Kapoor’s 2003 statement that “Dowry law is misused”. A lot of misery would have been averted if these Taliban were arrested and punished severely in 2003 itself.

      They are also Taliban.

      5) Sri Ram sena called the girls prostitutes.
      At 20% of 1,23,000 women were threatened about false cases of “prostitution” in Indian police stations when they were arrested under 498a.

      If Sri Ram Sena is Taliban, then Indian Police is also Taliban. Ban Indian Police.

      The Sri Ram Sena are just like children in comparison to the violent behaviour shown by Indian Feminists, Indian police and women’s organisations.

      There is no difference between women’s organisations and Sri Ram Sena. Both want to oppose “drinking” by beating up the sellers and customers. Both are Taliban.

      1) If a man drinks, he is a drunkard.
      If a female drinks, then she is liberal.

      2) Drinking in Pub is social service.
      Drinking Arrack in village is criminal activity.

      3) Arrack sellers have to be attacked.
      Pub owners have to be given Ashok Chakra.

      Only Urban morons have right to drink and murder people on road.

      What a double standard?

      Sri Ram Sena has to be banned, because they are Taliban.

      Before that ban all other hardened Taliban, who slap men in public, attacked arrack shops, broke furniture in courts, lied and mislead the country.

      Ban Renuka, ban Mamita, BAN AIDWA.
      BAN Indian police, for calling innocent women prostitutes.

      Ban UNICEF. Ban UNIFEM.

      If terrorist Taliban Sri Ram Sena and extortinist police and taliban women’s organisations are not banned, then people must be allowed to take law into their hands and beat up all these terrorists.

      Some 20 women are beaten and molested in Mangalore.

      The crimes committed by Indian police and UNIFEM funded feminists on Indian women (also men) are much bigger. Ban them all.


      If a male MP dragged a female MP by collar in the parliament, has society reacted in the same casual way?

      If a male MP or politician slapped a female in public view, has the society reacted casually?

      Crime has no gender.

      The social double standards are very clear.
      Female criminals get away, where as male criminals are put in jail.

      Today, being a female taliban is fashionable. After slapping men, these bitches are giving sermons on civilised behaviour.

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