America Sponsoring Terror?

During period of 1951-60: U.S. bilateral assistance to Pakistan grew to almost $400 million a year.
In 1982: U.S. assistance to Pakistan totaled approximately $5.1Billion.
In 1982-1987: 1/4Th of U.S. economic assistance went to Pakistan’s energy sector.
In 1988-93: U.S. provided an additional $2.28Billion for development projects.
While $7.89Billion is the U.S. military aid to Pakistan since 9/11.
And now U.S. once again announced to pay Pak $1.5Billion annually for the next 5 years.

But we all know were all this money is aheading.And not only we but they themselves also.Yeah “Centre For American Progress“, an organization which itself headed by John D.Podesta,former chief of staff to Ex-President Bill Clinton itself says that, “Still after previous military aid of $1.5Billion Pakistan is not anybit more safer”.
>>They themselves says that 86% of Pakistanis surveyed who believed their country was headed in the wrong direction.
>>They themselevs says that 63% of Pakistanis surveyed in june’08 who felt less secure than they did just 1 year ago.
And what to say more when even some of the Pakistan Ministers are against this military Aid?. Yeah Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S, Hussain Haqqani himself says that, “Instead of focusing so heavily on military aid to Pakistan,the United States should dedicate more of its funding to enhancing security & earning the Pakistani people through incresed economic & development assistance.”
So the Ultimate Question which arises from all this is that why so still America funding Pakistan?
On the one hand if America say that we are totally ready to help India in all means to fight against terror.Then isn’t America itself sponsoring terror?


2 thoughts on “America Sponsoring Terror?

  1. before 1990, the US was aiding Pakistan as a cold war partner…

    after that as a war on terror…..

    wait for 5/6 years, US will aid pakistan to get rid of terrorist attack on itself….

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