Double Standards

23th Dec’08:Pakistan Army Chief Parvez Kayani said,”The armed forces are prepared to meet any eventuality. Pakistan will respond within few minutes in the event of surgical strikes by India”.

>>Sir,If your army is such capable then why not you dare to bomb up the militants camp running throught your country?….Ooh you have not detected any such camp….Hmm,might be some problem in your radar.

7th Jan’09:Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Mohammed Ali Durrani, told from Islamabad that Kasav is a pakisatni national.

>>Let’s see for how much time you stand on this statement….

11th Jan’09:Prevez Musharraf speaks,”We have maintained a force level which is adequate for deferrence. And we have the resolve to use the force if there is any danger. The country would respond to any eventually with full force”.

>>I think so you have forgetten the Kargil war,as quickly as you responded. With the same pace your army moved back.

And here comes finally Mr.Gilani, a patient of short term memory loss.

7th Jan’09:Gilani said,”Our own investigations into Mumbai have progressed..We are prepared to take this process forward with a view to uncovering full facts”.

10th Jan’09:Gilani attributed that Mumbai attacks to “an intelligence failure in India”. And said this was the neighbouring country’s “Internal Matter”.

13th Jan’09:Gilani said,”Dossier provided by India is information not proof”.

>>Sir I hope so you haven’t forgetten yet,that you are the Pakistan P.M.


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