India vs China?[Edition 2]

This is the second edition of “India Vs china-The Ultimate Issue” and thus in this I’m once again going to tell you that how India is still lagging behind in a various areas w.r.t China. So now I’m taking another common example, something with which most of the Indians are in touch everyday. And that’s nothing more than the lifeline of Old Delhi, “Rickshaw”. Yes that one which makes you travels in a cheaper wayJ.

So these following are the pics of the Rickshaws of china….. [Yes wahan bhi hota haiJ]:

Now let’s move back to India and see the comparison b/w Indian Rickshaws & China Rickshaws:

So what to say more?……In Delhi, government has banned Rickshaws in Old Delhi areas, like Chandni Chowk, justifying that it is a necessary step if you wanna make Delhi roads more smoother & less congested.[after all commonwealth also to be take place here]. So all the concerned authorities look at the above pics of China, there also Rickshaws exits still… [& Olympics occurred still there in china only].


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