On 19th September the world markets had shown some sort of figures which really made people to think that “is the worst over now?” Just have a look on these numbers yourself:

MEXICO-4.8%    BRAZIL-8.6%       CHINA-9.5%       SPAIN-6.1%        RUSSIA-19.5%

SINGAPORE-5.8%            JAPAN-3.8%       UK-8.6%               U.S-3.9%

Moreover to it right here in Bombay stock exchange also a similar trend was countered. Sensex taking a lead of 726 points ended up above the mark of 14,000 yet another time. While Nifty also gaining 200 points ended up at levels of 4,240’s. So you can imagine yourself from these figures that how not only investors but also stock brokers have earned good money.

Still Disagree?: Just assume that you have bought 100 shares of SAIL (very bearish one) at 137Rs/share. And now as on Friday the share ended on 147Rs. So after cutting the brokers shares also you still get around 900 bucks. So isn’t that fantastic to way to earn 900 bucks in a day? (Provided markets are in bullish moodJ).   

So everyone now assuming that the impact of collapse of 150 year old Wall street Investment Banking icon, “Lehman Brothers” & another investment banking gaint,”Merill Lynch” some how evaporating up from the markets[After all the Dow also registered the biggest gain in its past 6 years span].

But my friends this at the end of the day this is all stock market game & everyone knows how much volatile these markets are….So I think its too early to predict that yes now Worst is over & no more Global crisis. As who knows when another firm of the banking sector declared its collapse? Who knows when the Nymex Crude price once again start heading towards 150$/BBL mark?

But Indians you don’t have to fear about after all Reliance is there with you….Thinking what it can do?. My friends on Sunday, 21st Sept’08 MR. Mukesh Ambani is going to announce something by which history will be written…. (Till now I have heard this much only through incredible News ChannelsJ…So for more watch out any news channel except that India T.V)J.


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