15 minutes shootout at L-18 Flat of Jamia Nagar really showed up that its takes only few minutes to crack down terror on to the floor provided all the agencies get together. Actually since the blasts had rocked Delhi, Delhi Police along with the different agencies had tighten up all there lose points to crab the master minds behind these blasts. A number of search operations were going on all over the city. And finally on 18th sept’08 Delhi Police got success in this matter as a local person reported them about 5 suspected people living in the 2 room flat, on the 4th floor of L-18 Jamia Nagar. Then what to happen next? Simply Delhi police planned to do an ultimate operation which can show the people that yes Delhi Police is still there to fight for the people, to grab those one who want to snatch the peace of the city.

ENCOUNTER>: On 18th midnight when everyone was sleeping, police battalions started to seal out the whole neighborhood area of Jamia Nagar. Then on the very next day at 11:00am finally under the supervision of Mohan Chand Sharma police knocked down the door of the L-18 & soon the whole locality filled up with the sound of firing bullets. . The whole operation took 15 mins to finish out.  During this whole encounter Mohan Chand Sharma had taken 3 bullets into his chest but also knocked down 2 of the suspects on the floor. Moreover to it one of the suspects was arrested by the help of Mohan Chand Sharma, while other two was able to escape out.

These encountered suspects where later on identified as Atif Alias Basheer, master mind behind 13th September Delhi serial blasts & Sajid, who was involved in Ahmadabad blasts on July 26,Jaipur blasts on may 13.But unfortunately later in the evening the news that Mohan Chand Sharma no longer remains left everyone spellbound.

Later in the evening Delhi Police Commissioner in his press conference told this whole operation as an ultimate & the most challenging one. He had also expressed his grief on the Delhi police brave encounter specialist Mohan Chand Sharma.




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