What? The crude price touched to their lowest since Feb’08?

 Yeah they have already fallen down to below $ 100/Br….And what more if I tell you that they are almost going to break $90/Br price too, Unbelievable? (Then Watch out any news channel……mind it, it should be business news channel kyunki others channels are busy while doing sting operations to bring out the ultimate reality about “How secure your city is?”J).

So now what? It’s simple…..two things should happen very soon.

1. Inflation rate should fall drastically in very short term.

2. Hiked done in prices of Petrol & diesel, LPG should be taken back by the government.

But we all know that this is all politics…Ultimate hell. Yes when the prices of petrol, diesel & LPG was raised, to clarify the hike Prime Minister himself come to address nation & they clarified that the prices of crude had reached too there highest ever range…touching around $150/br. So I may tell you Sir, that now they have slipped from the two digits figure also…so isn’t its your turn now to take back the hiked price?(After all this initiative will automatically help you too bring down inflation drastically two single digit also)

But it’s very sure that how have the time to hear all this. As how can these ministers leave any such opportunity to fill out there pockets through public moneyJ?

But who know, may very soon government make this announcement too….that we are cutting down prices of petrol & diesel a rupee or more each ……. after all its election year yaar(& not tell that they are in fact taking back the hiked price….don’t think them foolsJ). So how can they let this great opportunity to go away from there handsJ?


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