It’s getting over 50 days …. & still the situation in the valley is getting more & more worse. According to the sources a loss of 10,000crore had already occurred…more than 3 dozens people have lost there life’s…more than 12 lakh people are not getting even 2-times food. But on the one hand still people are criticizing again & again the government….taking law& order in there hands…destroying there own brothers livelihood…& on the other part the political parties are putting all the blame on each other. But overall what we are able to see is just another living example of the independent incredible versatile diversified emotionalized nation India.

Now just have a look on these pics of J&K-:

It such a pic of our nation (which is celebrating it’s 61 years of independence)…which really makes us to think for a while have we get independence in the real sense?….Yeah Independence from violence…Independence from nation wide strikes….Independence from the totally corrupt politics…..Independence from our culprit mind….Independence from the abusive language….& ultimately Independence from the evil which exists within all of us at some corner & which really stops us from working for the welfare of the mankind…………?

                                                                       JAI HIND!



So what Independence in the real sense means to you / would you think that you are really achieved independent from all these?.


Express your views>>



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