Mind your Ps and Qs!

On the one hand each & every one of us doesn’t waste any time in criticizing the different organizations/agencies for providing a total hell sort of facilities in Delhi(or any other city). But what happen when our turns come to really make a difference in Delhi(or any other city)?

…These pics will tell you exactly what I mean to say>>>


>>People sitting on to the floor of the Metro (this space was actually provided to accommodate more crowd during the peak hours). Moreover you can see the big red arrow pointing towards the sign representing that that this also space meant for disabled people… (But who have the time to read itJ).

>>A man sitting just against the Metro Door……J…Amazing.



So next times whenever you are going to critize government or any other agency or authorities do flashback these pics in your mind………….


Be The Part Of Change>>

If you too have any sort of photo’s or videos describing the total mess behavior of people.

Do post them at prabhjot.prabs@gmail.com>>

And do speak out what you think or any of your similar experience!

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