Panic fear……fear & panic…. all this once again strike back to some of the great cities of our incredible nation (India). But this time neither I’m going to give you any flashback of all those blasts that once again led to massive destruction of mankind nor I’m going to recall the names of those states where serial blasts occurred or give you any details about how many bomb exploded or how many human beings lost their life or how many individuals get permanent disabled or lost there livelihood(lists goes on * on). B’coz I think all this really not matter all. Yeah what really matter is just simply that once again terrorism showed its presence…(all most like once again some devil’s just come into our house and just gave us another slap)..And by all this once again each & every one of us just got another great chance to view that how really powerful & efficient the agencies or government of this country are all about…& mind its not just failure of the government but an ultimate failure of each & every one of us.

Yeah just ask a simple question from your side…That whose failure lead to all this? Spontaneously many of us will say>>Gov===ment (local administration) << .But think again …if on one side its lead totally corrupt politics…& administration then on other side each & every one of us is also equally responsible for it. Isn’t it? Still don’t agree? Okay then let me throw some example(s)>> How many of you on finding an strange item on a crowed place really dare to respond about it to police or the local people? (Still say its backwas.?.).

Okay then take one more…if you had visited to any of the railway station or airport or even to Delhi metro…Then you would have really seen the total inefficiency of police(or local administration) over there…but how many  of you have really dare to just simply complained about it with the local staff?..Hmm…Now speak?

It just not mean that I’m playing a game of devil’s advocate or really don’t want that we should stop criticizing the government. Do that but I just want to convey you a little thing….. Before making any conclusions just look at Urself in the front of mirror…& think are you not also equally responsible for this?

Change your views…change Urself…let’s fight together with the terrorism.

(Simply start with this>>>Next time whenever you find any security person ignoring to do your checking do remind him about his duty!)                                 

  Posted By-PRABHJOT (an individual)

VIDEO OF BOMBS DIFFUSION AT SURAT:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhUbW-DOpNc

VIDEOS OF JULY 25TH BANGLORE BLASTS:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiGajoZGwHQ

Full length Video of Banglore Blasts(part 1):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chGxs6YFCPk

Full length Video of Banglore Blasts(part 2):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fARUuv_0STs

Full length Video of Banglore Blasts(part 3):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba18-GEHz5o



Think something different? Or want to give any solution of all this? Or want to express grief?

Just post it over here>>CLICK >>COMMENT>>write whatever you think>>& post it (as we have to fight this “ultimate challenge to the mankind” together).


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