Indian Politics Sinks To Its Lowest level?

22’nd July’08 it’s not just a date……after all it’s ultimately a big opportunity for each & every political party to show themselves that how much they are capable of wining out one of the ultimate scenario in the history of Indian politics. And just as result of which they are trying out their best by every means to win out the confidence vote(Yes either by hook or crook!……….whether they have to stab someone or whether they have to flirt with someoneJ).And if still you don’t agree with me then here a put the best & ultimate example of it>>>>>>

(I hope that you have watched loksabha confidence sessionJ)

Just about few mins ago(w.r.t to publish of this postJ) once again Loksabha dismissed for  2nd consecutive time for the sameday…..ooh..ooh..haad kardi!.This whole drama started as Advani accompanied by his great Mp’s just presented something by which each & every one of us will feel for centuries ashamed while remembering today’s dateL…..yes NDA presented huge heavy bags filled of money & money & more money….but this was just the beginning…soon NDA made every one once again spellbounded everyone by taking out those huge bundles of indian currency(what you call…yeah notes…)from the bags in the front of  Honorable Speaker.Then Advani said,”Our 3 MP’s Ashok Agral,Faggan Singh & Mahavir Bhajora have been offered money of about 3crores Rupees each for just remaining absent from today’s session of loksabha”.(Really if someone given me too this much amount i can remain absent forever from the parliament…just joking)

So the million dollar question which structs our mind:

“Is it possible……?”


So here we leave it upto you what you think of it….can it be possible that the politics of a country to whom everyone know as”world’s largest democracy”can sink to such a lower level also?

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3 thoughts on “Indian Politics Sinks To Its Lowest level?

  1. Absolutely True …. this is a shame to Indian politics but at present we cannot say anything about who is the culprit. But I am delighted that INDIA won this vote of confidence today 🙂

  2. I’m wondering what other nation would be thinkin abt our nation…..Dat was such a disappointing thing done by dose creeps…..i was shocked to see de video so as our honorable speaker…..I don’t know when dese morons r gonna realize dat dey r taking dis country to a deep shit…..!!! My opinion’s e mp’s who showed de money offered by upa government r de culprits.Dey needn’t have dragged it till de session dey could’ve made a big issue on de same day de money was bribed but dey didn’t do it!!!!!! even if am wrong wid my suggestion am really ashamed abt my country’s conditon!!!!:(

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