Some One has said it absolutely true that if on one hand you are blessed with god blessings & on other hand you are having full confidence on yourself than no one can beat you…yeah not even death. And the true example for it is today in the front of every one of us, yes 22-years old MNC Executive,Supratim Dutta (a real superhero).

On July 12, as usual he was going ahead for his office through MG-Road (Delhi) in the office car along with the driver, having no idea that what’s going to happen the very next moment. Soon due to negligence of driver (& also due to unhilighted metro barricade) there car met with an accident (smashing into the metro barricade).And as a result of all this a 5feet long iron piece got struck through his body. Yeah the iron piece cutting the bonnet (from outside the car) then through dashboard from inside the car moved into his left side abdomen (Thank God! His Left kidney & spine miraculously remained untouched).

IN DETAIL>>For some time he was got faint but as his confidence raised once again in him he just take out his cell & called his family. He told them, “I met up with an accident”, “Really don’t know whether I will survive or not”. What’s next his family too come to standstill. On the other hand with the passage of time huge mob gathered around him. Soon with help of a gas cutter iron piece was cutted (just imagine if someone cutting an iron piece just about 1-2 feet near your body…We can’t dare of it.) & he was taken to AIIMS TRAUMA CENTRE. But the Dutta bravery not ends here only he moved to the hospital after 1:30 hrs, there he met with another3 hrs long surgery (Yes it was a real survival of fittest for him).Now presently his condition is much better (Doctors hoping he will get discharged soon).

So what will you say to all this, isn’t it truly reflects that “God really exists”?

So it’s true na “God tussi great ho!”?


We salute his bravery!

But what do you want to say about all his  efforts..?


Due to whom negligence do you think the accident really occurred?

Whatever you think just write it over here>>

CLICK on the below COMMENT option and just write your views.


To see this miracle (video)visit >>

































4 thoughts on “

  1. hats off 2 dat man yaar 8)

    really 😮

    i m wondering how can nyone survive after such an incident?? 😮

    really somewhere god is dere 🙂

    god tussi really gr88 ho 😉 🙂

  2. Suptratim Dutta is a really brave man, may god bless him with good health and speedy recovery, you are really an inspiration for us, thanks.

  3. hats off to the courage of that man….it can serve as a shining example of courage and bravery for everyone….

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