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Now let me ask you one simple but a million dollar question (let’s see whether you are smarter than a fifth grade child or notJ? >>>how much a person who is older than 50 years can cost you… (Think……………?)……………no not 1lakh…& not even 1 crore…yes its approx.25 Crores (Unbelievable Na?). It’s absurd but true (Its not what I’m saying yaar…it’s just what Mr.Bardhan had recently uttered in a rally).Mr.Bardhan said,”UPA is indulging horse trading by giving as much as 25 crore to each MP for just getting a vote trust from him on 22nd July.”

Now Mr.Bardhan I must remind you that…just about 4years ago your party too had given support to UPA so isn’t that your are trying to say that this is what we too have done earlier (& who knows may be you are just shouting up all this as you might not got the same huge amount during your turn for the coalitionJ).Anyway that what’s the real face of the politics in India is all about. Anyone & everyone is totally on the sale (but I remind you that no discounts tags are here). But just hope what if after all this horse riding also UPA loses the trust voteJ?…..After all we all know that it’s not all alone money that make us win in any circumstance of our lifeJ.


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