News >> let’s start up with the latest one yeah….which might be striking all your T.V screens again & again in the form of breaking news (almost breaking you…headJ)>>>”Ambani meets PM”>>>.

So what? Yeah this meeting itself has given rise to another huge contervertial issue (& I’m sure that on this Sunday itself their will be huge debate on this issue…….on most of the mind-blowing news channelsJ).But I must add to your knowledge that after all this news is all not nonsense as it had just given birth to such an issue with which most of us where unknown till the date (hope so) & that is >> ”Corporatisation in politics”.

Getting into the detail>> what exactly happen?>>>The film begins as Mr.Amar Singh(who suddenly emerged out a real superhero for UPA) had  advised the ministry(UPA) to impose WPT(Windfall Profit Tax) just for the wellbeing of his dear and the best friend (spot him…… ? if you can).yes none other then…..Mr.Anil Ambani. But as soon as this news from the sources come across to the Mukesh Ambani, he just runned to PM to tell that how exactly this policy can hit him a hard. But now you might be thinking that why PM should listen to him?. ooh ooh..After all it’s Mukesh Ambani…na…Who ultimately provide huge funds to UPA.(So now think that whether PM will listen to Amar Singh…..the real mascot for his party these days or Mr.Anil Ambani……..the real backbone of his party……..after all he funds UPA…na….?).

But anyway you just imagine that how good it would be if we too were belonging to an established corporate house & funding some party…isn’t it would be?  After all then only we can say that yes there is some one to listen usJ in this governmentJ.

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2 thoughts on “NEWS or FUSE?

  1. for reliance, they have been robbed of their much wanted projects because of the Communist’s pro poor policies. All that they want is money, money and more money. in the 2007 budget there was a great element of concession by zeroing the import duty on mobile phones. Hope you know who saved around ?00000 thousands of crores in it. This year too it was the same. No customs duty on set top boxes. imagine why these guys rush to save the government by paying 25 or 30 crores it does not matter for them.

    But i wish to remind all of one thing.

    You might have all the wealth in this world. But remember there are many big shots who are not here to call the shots.The Great Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, G.M.C Balayogi, Jagadish Tytler, Murasoli Maran, Rangarajan Kumara Mangalam, Pramod MAhajan.

    Think otherwise and work for the nation. Otherwise people who live only for money will be in a situation when their plane will lose time for refuelling and burst in mid air.

  2. Hey i forgot to tell you one more thing,,
    there is an ancient saying in chinese. horses are the only animals which can be traded for money. the day humans are traded like horses it brings not only disrepute but also downfall to its owner. Hope it applies everywhere. Humans have become horses today. I respect the honourable speker on two occasions i know best.

    1. He asked for a law for the right to recall in the interest of our nations growth.

    2. He said People elected representatives cannot behave like mongrels in the floor of the house irrespective of Political parties.

    But then i wish to remind him if not for his party his words would not have been read by me. hence let him salvage his pride bu resigning tomorrow in the interest of the nation and the party which made him the speaker.

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