Yeah…..BJP, RSS, SP, TDP, NDMK, whether it is Left or right…all are once more in the highlight. And all the credit goes to simply the ND (wait a sec it’s NUCLEAR DEAL & not NDA).Yes if on one hand it just gave another chance to BJP to surround the UPA (in spite of the fact that there were no less issues earlier in the form of inflation & crude prices to build up a web around them), then on another hand it gave a good opportunity to Left to really test on the ground that how much UPA have concern about their left or right.

But the million dollar question still remains that what all we have do with all this politics game? Yes if none of us really no that what exactly the 123 the agreement (& not the counting) is all about? And if none of us cares for whenever the government falls (or stand up) as everyone believes whether this government or some other one,all are same (as none of them is really going to look into our daily life problems), so what we have to do with this dirty nuclear game? So now just think for a while…isn’t this the government of your side? (Hmm….mm yes, I agree that may be some of you might not voted it).But wasn’t their a time one during the term of the same government the sensex had touched new highs? (& just deleted the bearish word totally from market dictionary for a while).Wasn’t this government there to really drop down the inflation to below5% levels? So isn’t it’s true that “Being a good government is like being a goal keeper-no matters how many goals they save, as the people will remember only the ones those they missed..?”.

So just think again, before concluding that this is ND as the dirty game of politics. After all it’s all for us and our upcoming generations only (this doesn’t means that u should stop criticizing them…yes if on one side you counts their inefficiencies then on other side you should must appreciate their achievements…After all none of us too is absolutely perfect in all aspects of the life). So yes irrespective of all the mess what we think about the politics, everyone should show some sort of interest on this side of the ND too… We should must know that what exactly all this great political drama (which has already launched liked a rocket) is all about…? (B’coz may be by it only we might get an idea about whom to vote in the next election…as another contender BSP has arrived…of whom most of still don’t know or may be,by it we know that what exactly this government has done really for the interest of this nation).

So I just end up all this by just reminding you once more…that must show some sort of interest regarding all this matter…..Hmm.mm……in simple words……..move for an ultimate change in all aspects, yes whether it’s your thinking or manner of drawing up the conclusions or while criticizing someone (or in simple words your political interest)………



So what are you waiting for?

 Go ahead “Be the change”.

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